About Lee Prosthetic & Orthotic Centre Sdn Bhd

Your Prosthetic & Orthotic Partner

Lee Prosthetic & Orthotic Centre Sdn. Bhd. (LPOC) is a family owned company. LPOC specializes in manufacturing, designing and fitting the latest modular system of artificial limb, orthopaedic appliances and orthotic braces.

Our objective is to provide a complete range of prosthetic and orthotic services which are reliable, product of the highest quality, comfortable and an affordable helping aid for all disable individuals of all ages. LPOC is now a highly respected and trusted member of Medical Rehabilitation fraternity.

Our team consists of highly competent Prosthetist and Orthotist who are trained overseas and possess over 40 years of experience in Prosthetic and Orthotic.

In addition to this, LPOC has wide selection of wheelchairs, commode and rehabilitation aid in stock. All our products are imported from Europe, Taiwan and China.


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